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To build a granny flat in Sydney council approval is not needed. A few requirements must be met, which include a minimal lot size, frontage, site coverage, building height, total floor area, side setback, front setback, landscaped area and rear setback.

Granny flats for sale in Sydney are a means to a private retreat or extra income. Granny Flat Builders Sydney can supply granny flats or small cottages or log cabins in all kinds of sizes in very attractive designs. Granny flats for sale NSW from Granny Flat Builders Sydney are affordable and can be installed from start to finish in as little as 8 weeks. We have different packages and different designs to ensure you have exactly what you dream of to fill your empty space.

Granny flats don’t have to be expensive. In fact, we have cheap granny flats for sale that are constructed of high quality materials and optimal craftsmanship. Whether you’d like a granny flat for:

  • Extra accommodation for family or relatives
  • Independence
  • A private retreat
  • Retirement solution
  • Resell value to your home
  • Generate extra income

We have that granny flat to make it happen. Our in-house architects are top-rate and our expert builders are fully certified and licensed, ensuring you a team of professionals, providing the best plans, design and construction. We will arrange the entire process from start to finish for a good price.

To discuss your needs call Granny Flat Builders Sydney today. We have the granny flat for sale that will transform your backyard into the atmosphere you dream of.

If you want that extra room or want an investment to make money on, you can’t go past a granny flat.

Lauren Jenkins